Client Testimonials

Kevin Hughes has been my Personal Trainer for almost 2006. Prior to Kevin, I injured my shoulder, I did rehab for six months with little or no results. Kevin started me out with a program I was familiar with during my career with exercise. I was back in business within a short period of time and in better shape than ever. Kevin trains your entire body, he is intense and precise with your sessions and watches closely and monitors all your progress. I personally feel that he restored my quality of life and fitness as I was accustomed to.

Kevin Hughes is an honest person who will get you the results that you would expect a Personal Trainer to accomplish and I appreciate what Kevin does for me each session.

— Jack Lyons - New Hope, PA

I've been training in my home with Kevin Hughes since 2004 and I feel like I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 10 years younger. At age 51, I sustained serious physical trauma resulting from a motorcycle collision. While in the hospital, the orthopedists told me that two things prevented me from the worst tragedy: my helmet and my overall excellent physical condition prior to the crash.

I'm convinced that were it not for the years of prior physical conditioning with Kevin, my level of recovery would have taken much longer and been far less complete. Two years later, I've now been training under Kevin's guidance again for awhile and it has really picked-up where physical therapy left off, by helping me regain my strength and range of motion in addition to staying healthy and fit.

— William Pfundt - Newtown, PA

I'm in the Best shape of my life at 46 years of age and my twice-a-week workouts with Kevin these past seven years have been a major contributing factor. Kevin knows what he is doing and genuinely cares about his client's well being. I consider the investment of time and money I continue to place in Kevin's training sessions to be invaluable.

— Greg Hayes - Newtown, PA

Thanks to Kevin, we are enjoying a healthier lifestyle. We are far from fitness fanatics but learned from Kevin the value of exercise, diet and rest to make sure we keep our health on track. Kevin has a seemingly endless menu of exercise routines and it this variety and his caring style that makes us actually look forward to exercising. We have both had surgeries and health issues these past few years and are convinced that we recovered more quickly because of Kevin's exercise plans for our special needs. We are grateful for his gift of a healthy lifestyle.

— Sue & Gary Monahan - Upper Makefield, PA

I began using the services of Kevin Hughes as a personal trainer since 2006. There are many reasons why I am very satisfied with the results and continue to utilize his services. We conferred frequently in the beginning about my fitness goals and what I wanted to accomplish. Kevin helped guide those conversations with his extensive background and experience. My goal is to increase my strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic fitness. He structures each of our training sessions, as well as, providing suggestions for my gym workouts with that in mind and emphasizes 'core' development as well. Kevin knows that I am a skier and constantly mixes in activities that go to skiing (lateral movement, balance, etc.). I really like that no 2 of our sessions has been exactly alike. Kevin draws on a vast knowledge of different exercises and utilizes different bands, weighted balls, kettle bells, ropes and bungees to create the workouts. Lots of different stuff but never gimmicky. He is able to ramp up the intensity of the sessions without being too extreme. Additionally, he is an easy guy to talk with and he has a great sense of humor. So amid the sweat there is a lot of laughter too. I know I have improved my level of fitness and I never feel better than when I finish my workouts with Kevin!

— Bruce Johnson